The earliest surviving houses in the village are the stone built farmhouses from the 17th century. Two of these are believed to be from around 1650, one in Manor Road opposite the church and one in Yew Tree Lane.

Before the advent of the turnpike road (now A5199), the thoroughfare from Northampton to Leicester came in from the south up Entry Hill into Yew Tree Lane crossing Brixworth Road (which was a mere narrow track) into School and Manor Roads, before going up the ancient hollow way to Little Creaton. With the house in Manor Road the only exception, all the main dwellings were built along this axis, which has 6 or 7  17c houses still standing and mostly constructed in the last decade of that century. At the time, these were all two storey and thatched. Workers cottages were intermingled along this axis.

A hundred years later a few wealthy land-owners wanted to upgrade and this was the start of larger and often three-storey dwellings, with good examples in Church Road. Some of the two-storey farmhouses were extended upwards at this time or later. (If known the oldest record of number of dwellings).

Expansion of the village started in the 1930s with Smith Street and Holdenby Road, but more so from the 1960s to 1980s with the village being in-filled between its original core and the A5199. There are now some 530 dwellings in the parish. Seven thatched properties remain and there are a number which incorporate cob.

"Stone House", built 1635 Grade II listed
The Manor (Church Rd), said to date 1619 & reclad 1820's
Holdenby Mill
Holdenby Road cottages
Radley House - 2 Cob cottages linked in 1965
Broomhill, in c1935
Spratton Grange in 1907, built 1847
"Threeways". one of the oldest houses datestone 1671(possibly not original?)
Village Datestones
Cotfield, built c1830 with this extension 1897
Northbank House, early 18c Grade II listed
Early Cob cottages, now refaced
Spratton Hall, built 1760 - George Clare drawing 1850 - 2016
Holly House, built c1830
Home Farm in 2016
Welford Road houses, built 1938
Construction in School Road 2006
White Horse Inn, Brixworth Road
Yew Tree Lane in 2008
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