Spratton Families


Research aimed at recording details of the larger families resident in Spratton in the 19th century, with references to where they lived, what their occupations were and their links with other village families over several generations.

In searching please note that individuals wherever possible are shown by their birth names which should be used rather than nicknames or married surnames. Where birth names are unknown, the symbol ** is used. Spellings sometimes differ, i.e. Cooke can be recorded as Cook.

When you have found the family or individual you are seeking, you can print out their family trees in either the chart forms shown or as a .pdf file.

No genealogical database is perfect and this is no exception. Please make good use of either the "Suggest" or "Contact" tabs to email direct to the village genealogist your recommended amendments or comment. We greatly welcome addtional contributions to the family trees of those with connections in Spratton.

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